Ron Price (that's me!) is a producer, editor, animator, and motion graphics artist with over twenty years of experience on movies, TV shows, and commercials. You can reach me at: 614.561.0586
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Customer Service Week (traditional animation) Producer/Director/Animator Textbooks R Us (stop motion) Producer/Director/Animator Five Locations (traditional animation) Producer/Director/Animator
101 Dalmatians 2 (Story Reel) Editor Aristocats 2 (Story Reel) Editor Tarzan 2 (Story Reel) Editor
Fiat Full of Monkeys (After Effects Animation)Director/Animator Professor Highlander (After Effects Animation)Director/Animator Odometer (After Effects animation) Director/Animator
Crosstown Knockdown (After Effects Animation)Animator Drone Diagram (Maya Animation) Animator Ohio Legal Aid Editor
Mission Possible (After Effects animation) Director/Animator (Designs by Drew Robinson) Bridgeway Academy Gala Video 2016 Editor Compliance Managers Flash Animation Animator